The Secret of Loving When you Can’t

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Love Tested in Daily Life

23 pages

The love God shows to sinful beings is what we long to see in our own lives and yet so often lack.  If we had this love, we would not bear grudges against those who harm us, nor be so easily hurt.  If we do not love those who wrong us,  then we longer have the Lord on our side.  We may think we have nothing against someone else in our hearts, and then at the slightest provocation our indignation boils over.  It usually begins in our thought world:  'The way so-and-so behaves!' - 'Just think of what he has done!' - 'How difficult he makes life for me!'  But such reactions are contrary to love and frequently lead to unkind words and actions on our part. 

One day, God will judge us according to the law of love.  If we fervently pray for repentance over our lack of love and make love our aim, how can He fail to give us His love?  If we want to be true disciples of Jesus, we need to earnestly seek this love towards our neighbour.  Otherwise we are not treading in His footsteps. 


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