Where is the King of the Jews?

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Sister Joela 

16 pages

When the topic of 'Israel and the Jews' comes up, we find that people often become uneasy.  Why?  Could it be the different opinions?  The heated debates on the one hand - or a total lack of interest on the other?  Or is it that we feel we know far too little about it?  Yet, ultimately in facing this topic, we find ourselves confronted by suffering and guilt - the guilt of our country, our family, or maybe even personal guilt.  And we are confronted by the mystery of a chosen people and God's inscrutable nature.

Many are inclined to avoid thinking about these issues by hiding behind ready-made arguments and opinions.  As Christians, we are particularly in danger of becoming like Job's comforters, who gave the correct answers, but were wrong in God's eyes.  Surely the only appropriate response is to be still and listen to what God has to say.  The key lies in getting to the root of the problem.


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