Mary, the Mother of Jesus

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Tracing the Life of Mary - through the Bible as we know it

128 pages

Mother Basilea challenges us to a closer walk with Jesus.  For have we ever considered that Jesus' first disciple was His own mother?  It was Mary who with her yes to the will of God made it possible for the Saviour of mankind to be born.  It was Mary who out of love and humility shared the hardships of His early years and later followed Him to the cross.

Response:  "Can’t say how challenged I’ve been by Mary’s life of obedience and discipleship. Mary said yes when God asked the impossible of her.  She dared to go where no one else had ever gone before.  She trusted God, and He trusted her to see it through to the end.  And because she was true to God’s calling on her life, others were blessed.  We all have people attached to us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Applying the principles of Mary’s walk to my own life, I am seeing God's blessings in my work among offenders as a Correctional Officer'.  New Zealand


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