Israel, My Chosen People

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A German Confession Before God and the Jews

144 pages

Beside every German stands, invisibly, a Jewish brother, one who has already passed into the realm of the dead, or one of the survivors, but each marked with terror and death - and each of them accuses us.  Who can acquit us of such guilt? Only Jesus, our Saviour, can acquit us - provided that we have broken down at the cross with tears of repentance.  Jesus Christ acquits only the sinner with a broken and contrite heart.  The curse of judgment is cancelled only if there is repentance.

Response:  "In this day as nations are turning once again from the Jewish nation, believers need to be reminded that they are still God’s chosen.  I have found no book that better expresses this … for it is written with deep conviction and out of scriptural love for God’s people."  USA


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