The Unseen World of Angels and Demons

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132 pages

We live in a dangerous world.  How to cope?  As in the days of the Bible, God sends angels to guide His children, whether the danger be physical or spiritual.  In the battle with the unseen powers and principalities promoting violence, deception and immorality, we are not alone.  Jesus Himself predicted great hardship and trials for the future.  The vision He gave to John on the island of Patmos describes angels warring with demons.  May the Lord open our eyes, to see that 'those who are with us are more than those who are with them' (2 Kings 6:16).

Response:  "For over 15 years I had been into the Yoga and the New Age movement, not surprising in view of my atheistic upbringing.  The heavenly Father intervened in my life when my attention was drawn to this book in a bookstore.  Reading it, I was amazed to see with increasing clarity that I had been deceived all my life.  After my conversion, I gave my old friends copies of this book, and more and more of them are finding Jesus."  USA


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