Those Who Love Him

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95 pages

This book explores the implication of Revelation 2:4 - ' I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.'  It points out that the Lord at His second coming will carry away only those who have not lost 'the first love'.  It is a call to repentance to all who have lost this love and points the way to regain it.  Without this love, true spiritual value is impossible.  Those who open themselves to the fire of this love will themselves become inflamed and will become one of 'those who love Him'.

Response:  "There is a very great difference between someone who is a Christian everyday and an 'everyday Christian'.  This book is a real help and counsel against all the deadly nominal and lukewarm Christianity, that is always with us.  It is a book for those who are looking for good counsel on total and decisive discipleship.  It shows clearly, practically, and with urgency the way of decisive, yielded and unselfish love for Jesus."  Germany


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