The King Draws Near

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37 Songs about about preparing for Jesus' second coming and worshipping Him in His heavenly glory and all that awaits us on His return.

Response:  " In singing and praying through these songs, I encountered the reality of Jesus' presence and a deep longing was renewed in my heart to be prepared for his return.  I experienced the reality of heaven in these special times with the Lord."

'Lord, You are my Crown and my Love alone,
My King and my Saviour on highest throne!
I long for Your coming, You are my Reward;
My heart whispers softly, 'Oh, come soon, my Lord.'

The earth is in darkness and we're afraid.
Where are you, Lord Jesus, why so delayed?
Arise and give heed to the call of Your bride,
And hasten as Bridegroom to stand at her side.

'Lord, soon I must see You, my fairest King,
My Bridegroom, to Whom I've pledged everything!
As deer thirst for water, I'm thirsting to be
United with You, Lord, for eternity.'

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