I Will Give You the Treasures of Darkness

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48 pages

Treasures are waiting to be discovered in times of darkness, or the night of the soul.  Such experiences prepare us for a new and deeper encounter with the Holy Trinity, for God comes when all is dark.

Response:  "I can identify with all three nights described here. Shame and guilt when sin found me out, the desire to run and hide. Rage when life was tough: “Lord, why are You targeting me?” Finally, despair: “Where are You, God? Why have You forsaken me?”  As I read on, I discovered Jesus was there all along, waiting to surprise me with spiritual treasures I could never have imagined.  Shame is transformed into acceptance, bewilderment into peace, loneliness into fellowship with God – and all because He first suffered the darkness for me.  The night is a scary place to be.  Now I know that even though the evil one can rob me of everything, he can’t rob my soul – not if I have entrusted myself to Jesus."  New Zealand


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