The Hidden Treasure in Suffering

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Shared from Personal Experience

94 pages

From the wealth of her personal experience Mother Basilea Schlink shares how we can find the treasure that lies hidden in every trial and hardship:  Cares - Strained Relationships - Fear - Illness - Weariness - Loneliness - Inner Conflict - Personality Problems - Unanswered Prayers - Untalented - Growing Old - Want and Need - Fear of Death - Unfair Treatment - Facing Hatred and Slander.  Mother Basilea shares that suffering is like a field with buried treasure.  For hidden in suffering are true joy and bliss, divine life, waiting to be discovered by us.

Response:  "Since earliest childhood I have had to struggle with all kinds of suffering and often asked myself, 'Why me?' I even fell into rebellion and anger. Mother Basilea’s book was like a golden key unlocking the darkness and disappointments of the past when life seemed so meaningless.  It showed me that there was a treasure hidden in it all."  Australia


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