Sown in Weakness, Raised in Glory

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From the Spiritual Legacy of Mother Basilea Schlink

Hardback, 168 pages

A book that will deeply challenge you - prophetic, rooted in the Scriptures and reflecting a sacrificial walk of love with Jesus, our crucified, risen Lord.  This is a precious and effective encouragement for the lives of multitudes of Christians facing the testings of the end times.  Throughout this book Mother Basilea communicates how to walk the pathway of the cross with its glorious goal.  For us, it is the only way of life, joy, and victory.

Response:  "This book reached me in the depths of my darkness and suffering, forcing me to look at what God was doing in my life and why. I had prayed for transformation and He had taken me by my word. He stripped away everything in my life that was keeping me from giving Him first place. Suffering was the tool in His hand to bring me to the place of release – and the assurance that He loved me as no one else could.  I learnt that there is one purpose to my suffering.  It is to create an unshakable faith and implicit trust in Jesus Christ."  New Zealand


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