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From a Biblical Viewpoint

32 pages

The New Age Movement is expanding rapidly.  A worldwide network of many thousands of co-operating organisations, the New Age Movement aims primarily at the formation of a 'New World Order' marked by 'group consciousness' and 'synergy'(combined action).  This is the secret behind its 'unity-in-diversity'.  Basic to the New Age system is the belief in an 'inner government' of our planet by a hierarchy of spirits or 'masters of wisdom', who are in reality demonic beings.  Ultimately, the driving force behind the New Age Movement is nothing other than Lucifer's desire to be worshipped as God.

Responses:  “I used to be a disciple of New Age ideology and belonged to esoteric sects. Everything in this book was familiar to me… Because of my direct involvement in the occult, I can bear witness that only Jesus Christ is the truth.”  Italy

“Your book is outstanding and contains vital information. I would like to pass it on above all to parents and young people, seeing that occult groups are mushrooming everywhere.” USA


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