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Testimonies of God's Faithfulness - Australian Branch

64 pages, colour photos

In 1947, when our Mothers and first Sisters first established the Land of Kanaan in Germany, they were faced with the seemingly impossible.  Living by faith, with no fixed source of income, they were completely dependent upon the Heavenly Father for all their needs.  It was a new venture of faith for a handful of Sisters to start out again on Australian soil in November 1979.  Would the Father in heaven let us experience the same sort of miracles?  How would we know where to establish our little 'Canaan'?  Who would send us donations, when hardly anyone knew we were there? God demonstrates His faithfulness by making the impossible possible - 'the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.' (Lamentations 3:22).

Response: "I longed for the Lord to show me His personal love by answering my prayer for ice cream.  Friends of Canaan who were selling their service station phoned and shared the new owner did not want the freezer of unsold ice cream.  Would you like to have it?  The Sisters asked, 'did anyone pray for ice cream?'  I raised my hand and answered, 'yes, but just for one!" Korea


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